Early Hogwarts RP (Wiki Name needed)Edit


  • Circa AD 1040 - fifty years after founding of hogwarts
  • Headmaster/Mistress needed
  • Users needed (esp coders)
  • Need list of locations

Outside HogwartsEdit

  • Hogsmeade - founded in 982 by Hengist of Woodcroft (possible NPC? or maybe his son could be in charge? Like a Lord of Hogsmeade or something
  • MUGGLES - the statute of secrecy was est. c. 1629 so muggles and wizards would roam together freely. Hogsmeade is the first wizarding-only settlement, but surrounding areas of scotland and obviously london (esp diagon alley) would have muggles as well
  • NO ministry of magic - what do students do after completing study? - A lot more in terms of Quests ie. merpeople, beasts, excavations etc - creative licensing!
  • Wizards' Council - no date on HP wiki but goes as far back as 1300's so maybe this could be legislative
  • Wizengamot - as above, only "predates ministry" so maybe? / Grand Sorc. ?
  • Potentially a dual muggle/wizard court? If King was a wizard like King Arthur?? Also if we do it in 1050 Scottish King was Macbeth - in the play he was on relatively good terms with witches? idk
  • Druids? (bards, magistrates, scholars, scientists, teachers, sacrificers, Seers, priests, etc)
  • Ollivanders and Gringotts would both be established
  • Witch trials etc? 

Specific Stuff:Edit

  • Quidditch introduced in 1050 (move RP to 1050 for ease tbh) but it would be a very old form of quidditch - use HP wiki to help
  • Duelling would be a big thing - hogwarts class? Maybe a lot more in DADA - rename it to duelling?
  • Muggle things like swordfighting, archery, horse riding? Also sewing, embroidery, poetry.
  • I really like the idea of maybe a wizarding court (maybe in Hogsmeade?) scotland seperate monarchy from england?


  • Gonna need two other admins and one rollback - at least for the first few weeks while userbase is small
  • Sorting system - ask crats at DARP
  • need to write a list of policies
  • Icon/favicon etc
  • Need a list of locations
  • find users

Background for wiki:

Unicorn tapestry